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Time is -- The Matrix HOT

Time is -- The Matrix

File Type/Use:   WatchMaker
System:   WatchMaker (.watch)
Addon App(s)   
Protected/Locked File   No
Size:   654.66 KB
Shape:   Round
Has Dim Mode:   Yes
Designed On/For:   PC/Other
Contributor:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Created:   04-28-2017
Changed:   04-28-2017
License:   GNU/GPL external
Views   2,061
Downloads:   1,350


Time is __The Matrix (Tutorials_very easy, Looking the script and xml file) ◇「时间」的元初,源于人们对运动周期的对比。 ... · the green TaiJi runs a cycle is one second; · the red TaiJi runs a cycle is one minute; · the blue TaiJi runs a cycle is one hour; · the grey TaiJi(the Earth) runs a cycle is one day( 24 hours) ; · and the Earth runs a revolution cycle is one year; · 绿太极转一周为一秒 · 红太极转一周为一分钟 · 蓝太极转一周为一小时 · 灰太极转一周为一天24小时 · 地球公转一周为一年 ... Time is a relative concept。 时间只是一个相对的概念。 原子核[质子、中子]、光子;细胞核、精子围绕卵子、人、地球&月球、太阳系、银河系... Nuclei [protons, neutrons], photons; Nucleus, Sperm around the Egg, man, earth &moon, solar system, galaxy... ---- 精子和卵子以人体为宇宙,人体的小宇宙又处于更大的宇宙之中。 The Universe is the Matrix。一生二、二生三、三生万物。 ---- GPS*真午时*元初系列表盘。
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