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Whotsit 2018 Director's Cut Fat Hands HOT

Whotsit 2018 Director's Cut Fat Hands

File Type/Use:   WatchMaker
System:   WatchMaker (.watch)
Addon App(s)   N/A
Protected/Locked File   No
Size:   1.57 MB
Shape:   Round
Has Dim Mode:   No
Designed On/For:   Huawei
Contributor:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Created:   07-07-2018
License:   Giftware Tooltip
Views   599
Downloads:   496


Now I've changed the default colour of the hands to charcoal. I've moved things around a bit. I found EBudiman's hands-parking effect so irrisistable that I had to incorporate it here, so many thanks to him Tap 25 and 35 to change modes. Tap date to open Calendar. Tap 9 oclock to reveal and unlock additional tap zones. Only on page 1 tap 3 oclock to show and unlock colour change tap zones -. Tap centre to remove hands. Tap top weather icon to open weather app. Tap steps to open Fit. Tap Phone and Watch to reveal actual battery percentages. Set complication 1 to Next Alarm and complication 2 to Fit Steps.
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