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bluetooth connected text or icon using tasker, AutoWear and Watchmaker

Sadly there is no way to display an icon or text when bluetooth is connected to the phone. But in combination with tasker it is kind of possible
With Watchmaker and in tasker i created an variable to use in watchfaces: {tbluetooth}

In tasker, use the plugin AutoWear and create 2 profiles for screen on and screen off events.
In the screen off action set the bluetooth variable to false.
In the screen on action set the bluetooth variable to true.

When the watch is turned on, the variable can only change to true when the watch is connected.
One restriction is that the watch was connected onces to the phone when the screen turned off. So the variable has been resetted correctly.

You can expand this to check also for internet connection with tasker, so you can set {tinternet} accordingly. As some watch applications only work when connected to phone and phone is connected to internet. (not using the wifi cloud method of Google).

Published by Gertjan Dubbeld on 21 October 2016WatchMaker Tips & Tricks Posted

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