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Scrolling text

I found another way to make text scrolling.

For me i use the calendar item in 2 ways:
1) shortened to begin time, event title (shortened), position.
2) long text begin time, endtime event title, position.

using the sec*1000+ms values {dsps}. The text is scrolling 3 times a minute and stops for 10 seconds.

The position x value contains:

string.len('{c1b} - {c1e}  {c1t}, {c1l}')>28 and
({dsps}<17000) and (240-({dsps}/15)) or 

({dsps}<34000) and (1373-({dsps}/15)) or
({dsps}<51000) and (2506-({dsps}/15)) or
or -230

The text field contains:

{ds}<51 and ('{c1b} - {c1e}  {c1t}, {c1l}')
or ('{c1b}  ' .. string.sub('{c1t}',0,19) .. '... {c1l}')

Published by Gertjan Dubbeld on 21 October 2016WatchMaker Tips & Tricks Posted

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