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Import multiple .watch files simultaneously

This tutorial will explain how to import all your .watch files into your WatchMaker application.


- Take a backup of your BeautifulWatches directory and keep it somewhere safe !
- The script is meant to be launched from windows (should work from linux as well). If you need a perl interpreter to be installed, you can go ahead with this one: http://www.activestate.com/activeperl
- If you can’t access your BeautifulWatches directory from the PC when connected in mass storage, you will have to first copy it to your PC. To do so I recommend to zip it first (using ES Explorer for example) otherwise hidden files might not be copied (including all images...)
- Create in your BeautifulWatches directory a folder called ‘import’ and put inside the .watch files you want to import.
- Download the following script to your BeautifulWatches directory (same level as ‘watches’, ‘images’, ‘export’,…): https://www.dropbox.com/s/5t924wmg8ak17lk/import_all.pl?dl=0
- double-click import_all.pl

The output will look like that:

Checking import folders....
Parsing watch faces definitions in ./import...
Extracting Bell__amp__Ross_BR03_Desert_Type.watch
Extracting BR03_Rafale_V1c_Square_ver.watch
Extracting Rolex_Milgauss_Colorized.watch
Extracting Uniq_P47.watch

Press ENTER to continue

Once done you can copy everything back to your phone (skipping existing files will help a lot ;) )

 Please note that :

- it will not work with protected watches
- .watch files are not removed after the import operation 



Let’s create the ‘import’ folder inside the BeautifulWatches directory

import all 1


Put your .watch files inside that folder

import all 2


Double-click on import_all.pl

import all 3


If you have a problem, open the command prompt (WIN+R and type cmd). Type "perl -v", it should produce an output like on the following screenshot:

import all 4



If the version of perl isn't display, you'll have to reinstall it. Now go to your BeautifulWatches directory by typing cd "c:\xxxx\yyyyy\BeautifulWatches", then type import_all.pl and see what happens:

import all 5

Published by Brice Wagner on 11 February 2016WatchMaker Tips & Tricks Posted

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