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Lap Time

A lot of watches have a stopwatch feature, and a lot of (real) ones have a “lap time” or “split time” feature, which is often missing in Watchmaker re-creations, and that's a shame. The usual convention works as follows: you press START/STOP, and the stopwatch starts or stops. If you hit LAP/RESET while the stopwatch is running, the display (or the postion of the hands) freezes, so you can record the time it took up to this point (this lap), but the timer itself keeps running. When you hit LAP/RESET again, the display/hands is released and jumps forward to the current time. You can hit START/STOP while the display/hands is frozen with LAP/RESET, in which case the timer stops, and when you release the display/hands it jumps forward to wherever it stopped, but isn't still running. To actually reset the stopwatch, you hit LAP/RESET while the timer is actually stopped. (All this sounds complicated, but it isn't a Watchmaker thing; this is how most real-life stopwatches work.)

There are a lot of ways of representing stopwatches, so we can't explore them all. For this example, we'll assume you are doing a stopwatch with dials: one for (smooth) seconds (rotation {swrss}) and one for minutes (rotation {swrm}). To make lap timing work as described above, set the stopwatch second-hand rotation to

var_lap_sr or {swrss}

and the stopwatch minute-hand rotation to

var_lap_mr or {swrm}

You can use other variable names. Then, instead of “Stopwatch:reset” as the tap action for the LAP/RESET button, set it to this script:

if var_lap_sr
if {swr}

Looks a little long, but once you have it you can copy and paste it around. The idea is, if the hands are frozen, free them. Otherwise, if the stopwatch is running, freeze the hands, and if it isn't running, reset the stopwatch.

You can do something similar with a digital stopwatch; use just one variable, set it to the string you want displayed in the field and do the same thing in the field with the variable “or” the current string.

Published by Mark Shoulson on 27 August 2015WatchMaker Tips & Tricks Posted

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