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Show Layer While Charging

Show a Selected Layer While Charging

Tip: Show an element only while watch charging (like a charging widget, or desk clock)

Create the layer(s) you want to display when the watch is charging... In the opacity, put...
"{bc}" == "Discharging" and 0 or 100 **** 
If you're worried about screen burn (and you should be) then use...
"{bc}" == "Discharging" and 0 or {dm}%10*11
which gives you opacity increasing every minute by 11% from 0-99%
(or you can use {dm}%5*25 for increments of 25% opacity 0-100%)

IF you prefer to keep visibility at 100%, then, to avoid screen burn.... I suggest then put
in the x and y coordinates to shift the element back/forth and/or up/down by an extra 2 pixels every minute. (change 2 to 1 if you need only 1 pixel shift) or again try
if you need "tighter" spacing on your charging widget for an intricate object/digit / small space.

NOTE: if you use SECONDS ie: {ds} in the second formula, it will NOT show when charging AND screen off ....because seconds seem inhibited with screen-off mode...it WILL show if charging and screen-ON. The first formula (and the second formula, using {dm} ie: minutes ) WILL show when charging and screen. 

Example Watches 

 Digilog Satellite (Charge mode will kick in when you plug your phone! Has ambient mode, and charge mode.Green light changes through to red, to indicate battery level and flashes at 10% Has a screen similar to the moto stock charge screen. Shows day of week instead of brand name, and it's red. Has similar battery percent and circle scale. Moves around by a few pixels to avoid screen burn.)

Published by Paul Hurst on 27 August 2015WatchMaker Tips & Tricks Posted

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