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Multi-Screen Watch

Create Multiple Screens with Unique Info/Graphics on Each Sceen

This method requires several, very simple steps to accomplish. There are 2 places you need to enter the following formulas.

  1. The 1st is in the "Script" Settings. (This sets the "Default Screen" or Home Screen")
  2. The 2nd is located in the individual layer's "Opacity" Setting. (This refers to every single layer)
    var_screen == 2 and 100 or -1
      - the "2" is the screen number to dispplay
      - the "100" is the percent of opacity when layer is displayed
      - the "-1" is the condition of opacity when the layer/screen is not displayed
  3. The 3rd Step is To Create a "Tap Action" to Change the Screen from "Screen 1" to "Screen 2"
      - Create a "Shape" in your Watch. (Round, or Square work best)
      - Position & Re-Size your shape how & where you want to "Touch" to swithch screens
      - Go to the "Tap Action" settings for the "Shape Layer" and select "Run Script"
      - Enter, exactly as typed:
           var_screen = 2  (this will now change to screen 2 when touched)
      - Now go to the Shapes "Opacity" Setting and enter the number
          "0" (without the quotation marks)
  4. The 4th Step is to Create a "Tap Action" to Return from "Screen 2" to "Screen 1"
      - While still on the layer you just created, "Long-Press" once,
          then "Long Press" a 2nd time until you see a "Duplicate Layer" option...
          Duplicate the Layer by selecting it.
      - Change the "Tap Action" Setting in the "Duplicated Layer" from:
           var_screen = 2 to var_screen = 1

Repeat Step #2 on every layer setting the "Screen Number", "Opacity" and the "Off-Mode-Opacity" 

Example Watches

Traders Original Meteo ("Touch" 9 O'clock or 3 O'clock to change)

Published by Terry A Zahn on 27 August 2015WatchMaker Tips & Tricks Posted

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