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A WatchMaker Live Wallpaper Zip-Pack is a collection of files in zip format, for use in the App - WatchMaker Live Wallpaper.

These "Zip-Packs" include 1 watchface and at least 1 wallpaper of a theme or color to match up with the watchface, saving you lots of time searching.

To use these, you must own the Watchmaker Live Wallpaper app.
You must also have a method of opening the .zip file. A good file explorer (like ES File Explorer, for example) will open .zip files.

  1. Download the file and uncompress it. It will make a folder (in the folder it was in when opened) that contains the watch face and wallpaper.
  2. The wallpaper will now show in your gallery app.
  3. Using the import function in Watchmaker (upper right-hand corner, square and arrow icon) import the included .watch file.
  4. Then open Watchmaker Live Wallpaper app, choose that watch
  5. Pick (one of) the wallpaper(s) included in the zip pack, and zoom/move around to get the effect you prefer.
  6. Save and set wallpaper.

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