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Watch Hand Zip-Packs are entire sets of matching watch hands compiled in a single, compressed or packaged file. These files are .zip files.

Typical Watch Hand Zip-Packs will include:

  1. Hour Hand
  2. Minute Hand
  3. Shadow Hands (optional)
  4. Second Hand (optional)
  5. Sub-Dial Hands (optional)
  6. Buttons (optional)
  7. Misc. Hands (date hands etc.)

A Watch Hand Zip-Pack should include at minimum:
     - matching minute and hour hands
     - second hand should be included when possible.

Use the shadows just like hands, only with a little offset and reduced opacity. 

To use these, you must open the zip file after download. Any good file manager should be able to extract a zip archive. I use ES file Explorer, but there are many others. Just extract the files to whatever folder is convenient.

To use the hands in Watchmaker

  1. click the add (plus sign) icon and select Image.
  2. Navigate to the folder you extracted the "Watch Hand Zip-Pack" to and pick one.
  3. Resize to what ever is appropriate and put the appropriate tag in the rotation field. Most commonly:
    {drh} for normal 12 hour hour hand
    {drm} for standard minute hand
    {drs} or {drss} for discreet or sweep seconds.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the corresponding shadows and position them behind the hands offsetting their position in the X & Y axis settings.

You just have to size them identically to whatever size you've chosen for the hands.

 written and contributed by: +Chris Chastain


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