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What is WatchAwear.com?

WatchAwear.com is a web site dedicated to the relationship of your SmartWatch, SmartPhone and WatchMaker, the Best App on Android for making Watches.

So What exactly can I do with WatchAwear.com?

Watchawear.com is dedicated to making your SmartWatch look and perform at it's best. WatchAwear.com is filled with features like:

  1. Upload & share your creations, images, artwork and graphics (requires free membership)
  2. Download FREE WatchMaker Watch Faces
  3. Download FREE WatchMaker Watch Hands
  4. Download FREE WatchMaker Live Wallpaper Zip-Packs
  5. Download FREE WatchMaker Tutorials
  6. Download FREE WatchMaker Templates
  7. Download FREE WatchMaker Tutorial Zip=Packs and much more.
  8. Learn more about making your own watch faces.
  9. Our Tutorial Section is growing all the time.
       - WatchAwear FAQ
       - WatchMaker Tips & Tutorials
       - Graphics Tips and Tricks
  10. Video Tutorials (Watch Online on PC or Device)
  11. Templates Section with Downloads including simple to Complex Watches and Tutorials
  12. Learn the Latest News from WatchMaker including latest features, updates, additions and fixes.

How do I download free WatchMaker watch faces, images, fonts or other files to make my own WatchMaker watch face or to load a face?

The Side Menu holds a quick-link to every corner of the site.

For example, Touch or Click the "Watch Faces" Link in the Menu.

You will be able to download 2 separate ways:

  1. Touch  or click the Blue "Download" Button on any Category Files List Page
  2. Touch the Title of any File to be taken to the "File Details Page" for that particular file. Touch or click the Blue "Download" Button.

ALWAYS Review the "File License" before downloading. It can be viewed by Touching or Clicking the "Blue Info Icon"info Located with each and every "Blue Download Button" on the site. Read It Please.

How do I upload a watch face or image that I would like to share?

  1. This requires a FREE Membership. "Registration Links" are located on the bottom of the page or in the side menu when on a device.
  2. Once you have completed the "Registration" process, Login to WatchAwear.com from anywhere on the site. (New Registrations are authenticated by email before activating.)
  3. Once Logged-In, Select the menu heading "Watch Faces or Contest V3 etc".
  4. At the top is a group of icons, find the one that says "Upload" and click to begin your upload.
  5. Touch or Hover over Titles. They have Tool Tips that are very useful.
  6. Please be thorough and understand what each item is, not all items are required
  7. "Require Agree To License" forces downloader to go through an extra page and check a box before they can download the file. PLEASE only use if you are restricting the use of the file with licensing like commercial.
  8. Complete the form and click "Save" in the upper right or lower left corner."

NOTE: ALL IMAGES need to be square. Height and width should be the same in all case. PLEASE make your images 768-1024px X 768-1024px SQUARE whenever possible, with a minimum of 300dpi for greater quality.

What is a "File License" and what is it for?

File licenses are legal methods of protecting the authors work. These licenses can and do provide legal recourse when they are violated.

What type of Licenses are used on the downloads on WatchAwear?

WatchAwear currently provides adding the following License Types:

  • Giftware
    This file is free to download and enjoy! Please mention the artist and where you found this. And I request if you use something from WatchAwear, You add your work to WatchAwear.
  • Creative Commons Attribution (BY)
    Licensees may copy, distribute, display and perform the work and make derivative works based on it only if they give the author or licensor the credits in the manner specified here:
    1. share authors name
    2. share original link
  • Creative Commons Non-commercial (NC)
    Licensees may copy, distribute, display, and perform the work and make derivative works based on it only for noncommercial purposes.
    Licensees shall give the author or licensor the credits in the manner specified here if work is to be re-shared:
    1. share authors name
    2. share original link
  • Creative Commons No Derivative Works (ND)
    Licensees may copy, distribute, display and perform only verbatim copies of the work, not derivative works based on it.
    Licensees shall give the author or licensor the credits in the manner specified here if work is to be re-shared:
    1. share authors name
    2. share original link
  • Creative Commons Share-Alike (SA)
    Licensees may distribute derivative works only under a license identical to the license that governs the original work. (See also copyleft, a license similar). Licensees shall give the author or licensor the credits in the manner specified here if work is to be re-shared:
    1. share authors name
    2. share original link
  • Commercial License
    This file cannot be shared, duplicated or altered in any way. All rights belong to the owner.
    Please follow the link to the GNU/GPL License explanation.
    Please follow the link to the GNU/LGPL License explanation.
  • WatchAwear License
    This file is free to download and enjoy for personal and private use!
    These are restricted use graphics.
    If you use them and publicly share your watch, you MUST upload your creation only to www.watchawear.com.No other websites are allowed.
    You MUST mention the Artist and that you found them on www.watchawear.com.Selling any works with these graphics is strictly forbidden including Google PlayStore or any website or other means.

What Images should I use when I upload a Watch Face?

It is easiest to use the "Preview Image(s)" that WatchMaker produces in a matter of a few seconds. It is the ideal size for keeping data transfer low for visitors on Smartphones and keeping load times low.

If not, then please use an image that is from 768-1024px X 768-1024px SQUARE. A .png image is best.

What images should I use when uploading a "Watch Hand"?

Size is everything! High resolution is great, but too high and it can make everything slower. 300dpi is adequate.
please use an image that is from 768-1024px X 768-1024px SQUARE. A .png image is best.

What is a Watch Hand Zip-Pack? How can I use them?

Watch Hand Zip-Packs are entire sets of matching watch hands compiled in a single, compressed or packaged file. These files are .zip files.

Typical Watch Hand Zip-Packs will include:

  1. Hour Hand
  2. Minute Hand
  3. Shadow Hands (optional)
  4. Second Hand (optional)
  5. Sub-Dial Hands (optional)
  6. Buttons (optional)
  7. Misc. Hands (date hands etc.)

A Watch Hand Zip-Pack should include at minimum:
     - matching minute and hour hands
     - second hand should be included when possible.

Use the shadows just like hands, only with a little offset and reduced opacity. 

To use these, you must open the zip file after download. Any good file manager should be able to extract a zip archive. I use ES file Explorer, but there are many others. Just extract the files to whatever folder is convenient.

To use the hands in Watchmaker

  1. click the add (plus sign) icon and select Image.
  2. Navigate to the folder you extracted the "Watch Hand Zip-Pack" to and pick one.
  3. Resize to what ever is appropriate and put the appropriate tag in the rotation field. Most commonly:
    {drh} for normal 12 hour hour hand
    {drm} for standard minute hand
    {drs} or {drss} for discreet or sweep seconds.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the corresponding shadows and position them behind the hands offsetting their position in the X & Y axis settings.

You just have to size them identically to whatever size you've chosen for the hands.

 written and contributed by: +Chris Chastain


How is a file license determined? Who decides which license is used on an upload?

The owner of the file determines which of the Creative Commons and other licenses are used on each file. WatchAwear.com does not add the license.

What is a "WatchMaker Live Wallpaper Zip-Pack" and what do I do with it?

A WatchMaker Live Wallpaper Zip-Pack is a collection of files in zip format, for use in the App - WatchMaker Live Wallpaper.

These "Zip-Packs" include 1 watchface and at least 1 wallpaper of a theme or color to match up with the watchface, saving you lots of time searching.

To use these, you must own the Watchmaker Live Wallpaper app.
You must also have a method of opening the .zip file. A good file explorer (like ES File Explorer, for example) will open .zip files.

  1. Download the file and uncompress it. It will make a folder (in the folder it was in when opened) that contains the watch face and wallpaper.
  2. The wallpaper will now show in your gallery app.
  3. Using the import function in Watchmaker (upper right-hand corner, square and arrow icon) import the included .watch file.
  4. Then open Watchmaker Live Wallpaper app, choose that watch
  5. Pick (one of) the wallpaper(s) included in the zip pack, and zoom/move around to get the effect you prefer.
  6. Save and set wallpaper.

WatchAwear Icons Definitions

Here is a "Legend" of the WatchAwear Icons...

round watch faceWatchMaker Round Watch Faces

WatchAwear Square Watches for WatchMakerWatchMaker Square Watch Faces

sinsoft apk androidSinSoft APK Watch Face for Android

clockskin androidClockSkin ZIP Watch Face for Android

featured starWatchAwear "Featured Artist"

WatchAwear Watch Hands for WatchMakerWatch Hands

WatchAwear Watch Tutorial for WatchMakerWatch Tutorial

WatchAwear Video Tutorial for WatchMakerVideo Tutorial

WatchAwear - Watch Hand Zip-Packs for WatchMakerWatch Hand Zip-Packs

WatchAwear - WatchMaker Live Wallpaper Zip-PacksWatchmaker Live Wallpaper Zip-Packs

WatchAwear Tutorial Zip-PacksWatch Tutorial Zip-Pack

WatchAwear Graphics - PNG Zip-PacksPNG Zip-Pack

WatchAwear Graphics - Vector Graphics FilesVector Images

WatchAwear Graphics Photoshop PSD source filesPhotoShop .psd Files

What is the EASIEST way to use WatchAwear Watch Hand Zip-Packs in WatchMaker?

Adding WatchAwear Watch Hand Zip-Packs to your WatchMaker Watch... the easy way!

Easiest way is after downloading a Watch Hand Zip-Pack to phone, UNZIP the "Zip-Pack" to your Downloads folder.

  1. Add a stock WatchMaker Hour Hand, Minute Hand, Second Hand by going to the "+" sign in WatchMaker and selecting any one of the "Hour, Minute and Seconds Hands." The WatchMaker Stock Hands are already coded with the basic rotation movement.
  2. Go to each of the Hour, Minute, or Second Hands in the watch you made and find the "Change Image" in the properties of the Hand's Layer.
  3. Click the "Change Image" and navigate to your downloads folder and select the hand you want. It replaces the WatchMaker Stock Hand.
The hands are sized to fit the watches at 512px X 512px. But of course you can resize, color or change the code to suit your needs.

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