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Blu Planet's HUD HOT

Blu Planet's HUD

File Type/Use:   WatchMaker
System:   WatchMaker (.watch)
Addon App(s)   
Protected/Locked File   No
Size:   1.57 MB
Shape:   Round
Has Dim Mode:   Yes
Designed On/For:   PC/Other
Contributor:   BluPlanet
Created:   06-13-2016
Changed:   06-13-2016
License:   Giftware Tooltip
Views   2,436
Downloads:   1,321


Heads up: with the "Blu Planet's HUD" (HUD=Helluva Ultramundane Display) you get a ragbag full of various elements I designed in Inkscape over time. So, please do not expect any well thought through or coherent design :) In addition it can be a real battery monster. Lotsa tap actions, here are just some key ones - most of the others should be self-explanatory. On the "home" screen i.e. time display: Tap centre to reveal or hide the HUD selector offering 4 tap actions: 1. Schedule 2. Settings 3. Weather info 4. Fitness data SCHEDULE: If you select schedule then up to 3 rings of events will appear on the outer edge of the face. Only today's events will be reflected on these rings and in case you have overlapping meetings, the logic will try to avoid displaying overlapping rings. If you have no event today then the detail of the first event after today will directly be shown. If you have events today then press approx. the middle of the event's ring segment i.e. the position of the tap is dependent on the event time & duration. On overlapping events it may be hard to find the right tap area, but basically for events on the second/third ring just tap a bit further on the inside. When you see the event's details, you can use the respective "arrows" to move forward and backward through all events available. SETTINGS: Following settings are available: 1. Show seconds (default: ON) 2. Show a little movement (default: OFF) 3. Show today's date (default: OFF) 4. Show 24h/12h format (default: 12h) 5. Show digital time / analog hands (default: analog hands) 6. Show watch + phone battery (default: OFF) 7. Change colour of face elements 8. Select additional time zone to display (default: no addtl. time zone) Note: a little yellow circle is shown at the top of the home screen to indicate you have events today. The circle turns red when you have an event at the current time. If you tap this area you can toggle the circle display off/on by which you also control whether on coming out of dim mode the latest event schedule will be loaded. Off should lead to decreased battery consumption. Enjoy!
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To Install Watches and Graphics you need the FREE App - "WatchAwear - Companion for WatchMaker" App
You can find it on the Google PlayStore by clicking here.

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