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Splash Screen Tutorial HOT

Splash Screen Tutorial

File Type/Use:   WatchMaker
System:   Tutorial/Template (.watch)
Addon App(s)   
Protected/Locked File   No
Size:   173.92 KB
Shape:   N/A
Has Dim Mode:   N/A
Designed On/For:   Huawei
Contributor:   Megabyte01101001
Created:   03-23-2016
Changed:   03-23-2016
License:   Giftware Tooltip
Views   3,519
Downloads:   2,135
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I haven't seen this done by anyone so I've provided a script that shows you how you can create a splash screen for your watchface. You can show the splash screen with anything you want for 3 seconds on the screen on initial load and then fade away to display your watch. It will only show once on initial load as to not be overly obtrusive. Great way to display your design logo you use for your watch collections or anything else you want to share like "Thanks for downloading!". It's a one and done deal. Will only display again if the user switches faces and reloads your face. Get creative and make animation designs using tweening if you have that experience instead of using a static image as in this tutorial. Other uses besides displaying your logo on initial load as in my example: * Display a "DEMO - Visit XXX for Pro Version" type screen for a simplified watchface that you put out to advertise your pro/paid version of your face that has more features. * Display an advert for other watches you've got in your collection * Display a one-time message like "Thanks For Downloading!" Word of warning - Don't abuse this functionality! Keep the timing of the image to display on load at 3 seconds or less. Changing this to a longer value will turn off your downloaders. Think of it like a 30 second ad on YouTube that you can't skip. You're likely to not want to watch anymore videos from the YouTuber that uploaded it because they make you sit through an ad that just wastes your time and leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

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