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Meet You Half Way (Minimal Watch Face design) HOT

Meet You Half Way (Minimal Watch Face design)

File Type/Use:   WatchMaker
System:   WatchMaker (.watch)
Addon App(s)   N/A
Protected/Locked File   No
Size:   283.7 KB
Shape:   Round
Has Dim Mode:   Yes
Designed On/For:   PC/Other
Contributor:   WatchIt
Created:   12-05-2017
License:   Giftware Tooltip
Views   684
Downloads:   484
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To underrstand it and read it propper just tap it to display numbers at the ends of the lines. I often play around with minimalistic ideas to tell time this was one of em. As always detailed explanation on my google plus profile and usually a brief descriptions what drives me to make em, often only done in the app itself like in this case exept the backplate for it which i created in PS.

Download the 'WatchAwear - Companion for WatchMaker' App
WatchAwear - Companion for WatchMaker

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