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Watch Hand Zip-Pack - CASGS-DJ HOT

Watch Hand Zip-Pack - CASGS-DJ

File Type/Use:    Watch Hand Zip-Pack
System:   Watch Hand Zip-Pack (.zip)
Addon App(s)   
Protected/Locked File   N/A
Size:   475.63 KB
Shape:   N/A
Has Dim Mode:   N/A
Designed On/For:   PC/Other
Contributor:   WatchAwear
Created:   03-19-2016
Changed:   06-20-2016
License:   WatchAwear LicenseTooltip
Views   783
Downloads:   1,601
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WatchAwear Watch Hand Zip-Pack for WatchMaker includes the:
Minutes Hand, Hours Hand and Sub-Dials Hand.

Please remember to unzip this Watch hand Zip-Pack prior to using in WatchMaker.

More information is available in the WatchAwear FAQ section found at:


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