Opposite Attraction (Minimal Watch Design)
Tulp Friction (Dual Color Options and Interactive)
She Loves Me (Double Color Options)
Attack of Titan - Tsuyoi (Animated Interactive)
Hip Hop Santa (Kirsten Ulve Animated Watchface)
Inside Out (Minimal Colorcustomizable)
Time Rise (Skyline tells Time WM Project)
Farbenacci (Color Matchig over Time Cycles)
Coming Out (Interactive Alice in Wonderland)
Chaplin Dance with Me (Interactivity and Animations)
Extinction (Fading Away over Time)
Pendelina (UColor+Modes)
Meet You Half Way (Minimal Watch Face design)
Rosetating Geometry (Ucolor)
Tatyana Markovtsev - Scent of a Women
Atelier Morpheus Film Noir (Visual Movie Timer)
Kimy Rise UP (Animated and Interactive)
The Olympic Backward Summersault (Inteactivity and Animated)
Atelier Morpheus HR Giger Passages
Kong Skull Island (aka MJ Ambassador )

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